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Oct 2022 Talks

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Oct 4: This Dhamma talk by Ayya Brahmavara focuses on desire and aversion as underlying all conflict and the need to develop peace within oneself before engaging in social action.

We didn't have time to play Ayya Brahmavara's entire talk. Here it is:

Oct 7: How to Deal with Grief

Today we read a chapter from Bhikkhu Thanissaro's new book, "Along the Way." The title was, "An Arrow in the Heart: The Buddha's Teachings on Grief."

Oct 11: Managing dukkha vs uprooting dukkha.

Ajahn Nanamoli of Hillside Hermitage in Slovenia is the Dhamma teacher in this video. This video includes our group's discussion. However, the sound quality of the Dhamma talk is better if you watch the original video:

Oct. 14: While Sanghamitta is enjoying a well-earned retreat our community is in the hands of some volunteers on a steep learning curve! This morning Kusala shared a talk with us by Gil Fronsdal: Right Relationship. It's on AudioDharma: the link should lead you there.

Oct. 18: Leslie shared a talk by our dear Ayya Brahmavara: Wise Attention - Working with Afflictive Emotions. You can find it on YouTube here

Oct. 21: Leslie shared Ayya Brahmavara's guided meditation and talk Dealing with Reactivity.

Oct. 25: Leslie played Gil Fronsdal's latest talk in his morning meditation series, about choices. It (like all his morning talks) is available on YouTube.

Oct. 28 Kusala played a talk by Gil Fronsdal: Right Relationship. It's available on AudioDharma here. All Gil's talks can be found on AudioDharma here.

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