Moon Days of Silence

Dates:  No Moon Days scheduled at present (Please check the website upcoming events/calendar)

The moon days are the full, new and half moon days of each month. These days are an opportunity to deepen one’s practice. They take place from 8:30 am until 4 pm at 518 - 2 St (Map/Address at bottom of page).   You can attend in person or via zoom.  The zoom link is on the calendar.

You are welcome to come for the entire time or any part of the day. There is no set schedule. You are free to sit as long as you wish and then alternate with walking meditation.

When you arrive, please just walk in. Don’t ring the bell, unless the door is locked!

There will be no instructions given on these days. So please attend the Tuesday evening or Friday morning zoom meditations and ask for sitting and walking instructions during the Q+A period or contact Sanghamitta. 

These Moon Days are calculated according to the ancient Buddhist method. Therefore the dates will sometimes differ from the modern moon days. If you would like to see what all the dates are for the year, download the Buddhist Calendar (pdf file).

You can use these Moon Days to deepen your meditation practice. Some people may wish to sit for 2-3 hours to develop the conditions to enter a jhana state. For sitting meditations, the regular meditation room upstairs can be used.  

Sitting meditation is usually alternated with walking meditation. Not only does this give the body some exercise. Mindfulness developed while moving is much stronger than that developed while sitting. You can walk inside or outside. Millennium Park is a block away. If walking inside, do so quietly so as not to disturb those sitting. Use the hallways downstairs.


If you stay over a meal time, bring a packed lunch.   Meals are to be eaten mindfully and in silence.