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Your Donation is Precious


Dear Community, CTBC became a monastery for six months from June 1 - Dec 1, 2020. Ajahn Subharo was in residence during this time.  From April 20, 2022 until July 14, 2022 Ayya Brahmavara was in residence  Starting December 11, 2022 Ayya Ahimsa will join us as our Resident Monastic.


Currently the monastery is being financed by a Board member.  This support will end with her passing and if the monastery is to continue, the community will need to take over the financial support.


If you value the presence of a local monastery where you can receive Buddhist teachings and support, please consider offering a donation.  If possible a recurring monthly donation would be very helpful.  Donations while Ajahn Subharo was here paid for the monastic's and the steward's food and personal items but not the cost of maintaining the monastery.


To give an idea of what it would take to fully support the monastery, if 100 people each gave $15 a month, this would cover basic expenses (utilities, taxes, insurance and some food....we assume food would be offered for many meals and thus not be an expense for the monastery).

Thank you for your support.  Annumodana.

Donation by e-transfer

From your bank, transfer to

To receive a tax receipt, email us at the above email address with your name, home address and postal code.

Donation by Cheque

Mail a cheque  to:

518 - 2 St. Canmore, AB Canada
T1W 2K5


To receive a tax receipt, email us at with your name, home address, and postal code.

Donation by credit card