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Image by Jose Luis Sanchez Pereyra


Is the Canmore Theravada Buddhist Community center a monastery?

Yes. We became a monastery on June 1, 2020. Our current resident monastic is Ayya Ahimsa.

Can I offer anything besides money or food as dana (gifts)?

Yes. From time to time there is maintenance work or yard work that needs to be done. Please contact CTBC to ask if there are any current projects you can help with.

Can I do a solo retreat at your center?

People have done solo retreats here. Speak to Sanghamitta to discuss the possibility.

What is a Vihara?

Vihara is an alternate name for a Buddhist Monastery, a residence for monks and nuns.

Where does the tradition of sitting in a circle facing each other for meditation, come from?

This is not a tradition. Traditionally practitioners face the teacher. When Ayya Brahmavara or other monastics are leading the meditation group, we will sit facing them. When Sanghamitta or another lay teacher is leading the group, we will sit in a circle. Sanghamitta, due to her background as a therapist, was used to meeting with groups in a circle, so continued this practice in the meditation setting.

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