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Where is Sanctuary by Ayya Medhanandi

Nearly eight billion circling

This realm of disease

Decay and death

We all perish one day

And the end comes


Where is sanctuary?

I tell you –

Everything is ownerless

Everywhere crumbling

Ready to be wrenched away

At any moment

Just like this body

We have no choice

Then we let go –

There is sanctuary.

When compassion and wisdom

Preside in the mind

Awake in your refuge

Every imposter unmasked

Spurred on through panic


Or unspeakable loss

To surpass all suffering –

There is sanctuary.

When you gaze

At your own heart’s mirror

Beyond the tumult

Of the world

Nothing can compare

To that sheer silence

In the unabashed joy

Of the mind’s purity –

There is sanctuary.

When you pierce the trappings

Of delusion

Unveil the mystery of being

Our innate treasure

Dwelling blameless

Radiant and wise

Shredding the ghosts

Of lifetimes –

There is sanctuary

Knowing what is counterfeit


Fleeting and empty

Die to shame

Sorrow, anger

And selfishness

Stay long enough

Under the arc of Truth –

There is sanctuary.

Ascend like the giant sycamore

A friend and shelter

For living beings

Reviled or loved

Seen or lost

Glad or despairing

Bestowing forgiveness

To all –

There is sanctuary.

Bless and be blessed,

Nothing greater nor less

With absolute faith


Expecting nothing

Enduring the many pains

Of the Way –

There is sanctuary.

When those pains reveal

Hidden gems

In your innermost heart

Trusting as you venture

In the unchartered depths

Of that sacred Truth

A seedling no more –

There is sanctuary.

© Ayyā Medhānandī

Sati Saraniya Hermitage 01-2020

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