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September 2020 Talks

Sept 1: We listened to a guided meditation by Ajahn Punnadhammo on Recollection of the Devas:

Sept 4: Today we continued to listen to Gil Fronsdal's series on Me, See, Free, We. Today's talk focused on looking at inconstancy from a place of stability.

Sept 8: Ajahn Subharo gave a Dhamma talk on Kamma which preserves simplicity.

Sept 11: Ayya Niyyanika from Aloka Vihara led us in a discussion of Right View, the first step of the Noble Eightfold Path.

Sept 15: Bhikkhu Bodhi gave a Dhamma talk on Finding Joy in the Wholesome. He went over four ways to generate joy during meditation: through faith, morality, generosity and mudita. (Another way is through the subtle joy of the breath sensations as given in this guided meditation.)

Sept 18: This morning we listened to a guided meditation by Gil Fronsdal on happiness and then listened to his Dhamma talk on the same topic.

Sept 25: Ajahn Subharo gave a Dhamma talk on merit and reverence.

Sept 29: We listened to a Dhamma talk on attachment by Ajahn Viradhammo.

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