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May 2023 Talks

Updated: May 26, 2023

May 2: Working with the third hindrance, Lethargy and Drowsiness - Part 1

Sanghamitta reviews the "tapping technique" which one can use in assisting to abandon the hindrances. This was followed by a Dhamma talk by Ajahn Nisabho in the following video.

May 5: Working with the Third Hindrance, Lethargy and Drowsiness - Part 2

One way to counteract lethargy and drowsiness is to do one of the six Recollections: Recollection of the Buddha, the Dhamma, the Sangha, the deities, morality and generosity. So to start today's session Sanghamitta played a guided meditation by Ajahn Punnadhammo on Recollection of the deities. He also has a Dhamma talk on the various heavenly realms and the deities in each realm. The meditation was followed by a summary of Ajahn Thiradhammo's chapter on lethargy and drowsiness from his book, Working with the Five Hindrances. Many antidotes to lethargy and drowsiness are given. One of these antidotes is to read the verses of the Senior Monks and Nuns who lived at the time of the Buddha. They talk about their struggles and then their eventual Awakening. These stories are very inspiring so can energize your practice.

Working with the Fourth Hindrance, Restlessness and Remorse - Part 1

Working with the Fourth Hindrance, Restlessness and Remorse - Part 2

Ayya Ahimsa gives a wonderful summary of working with this hindrance.

Working with the Fifth Hindrance, Doubt - Part 1

Sanghamitta summarizes Ajahn Thiradhammo's chapter on doubt.

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