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March 2023 Talks

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

March 7 - Metta - The Pāramī of Loving Friendliness

This session starts with the metta sutta chanted by Sobana, followed by a guided meditation on metta and then a Dhamma talk on metta. Metta can be translated as goodwill, loving friendliness, loving kindness or acceptance.

March 14 - Upekkhā - The Pāramī of Equanimity

Upekkhā/equanimity is the final quality of mind in the list of pāramī, the final of the brahma viharas or divine abidings, the last of the seven factors of awakening and the hallmark of the fourth jhana, the deepest jhana. The Buddha extols and instructs us how to find balance, to be in the centre of the teeter-totter, the inevitable ups and downs of life.

March 21 - Introduction to the Five Hindrances

What are the five hindrances? What do they hinder? What are supporting conditions for working with and disengaging from the five hindrances? Sanghamitta answers these questions and others in this talk overviewing the five hindrances.

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