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Lesson 7 - Blissful Peace

Once we learn to remain mindful of the present moment for a length of time, letting go of the stumbling blocks and enhancing our joy by contentment with the present moment, blissful peace arises

Right Mindfulness of the present moment and being rather than doing remove the blinds from the natural state of our mind which is blissful, still peace.

Letting be in our meditation practice removes the obstructions to a profound experience of stillness. A blissful stillness. The experience of sensual delights in the world pales in comparison. When this state of stillness is deep, the senses of seeing, hearing, tasting, touch, smell and thinking turn off and all that is left is pure mental awareness. This is called Jhana. There are various levels of Jhana, depending on the depth of stillness. When you "emerge" from the Jhana, thinking resumes. If you then direct your thoughts to the 3 characteristics of inconstancy, unsatisfactoriness and coreless self, realizations regarding suffering may arise. This is wisdom.

The Buddha taught that we are tied down to relentless rounds of Samsara due to 10 false views, just as a hot air balloon is tethered to the ground with ropes. When the ropes are untied, the balloon (our mind) floats free.....liberation is realized, also known as Enlightenment or Awakening. The realizations that come out of stillness correct these false views and allow us to be liberated from suffering and the relentless rounds in Samsara.

Blissful Peace (Jhana) - 45 min. you tube video by Bhante Sujato

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