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Gratitude to Ayya Brahmavara

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Ayya Brahmavara was CTBC's resident nun from April 20, 2022 until July 14, 2022. Her cheerful, compassionate presence and excellent Dhamma talks were deeply appreciated by the community. Here are some comments of appreciation:

* It was delightful to have Ayya Brahmavara in residence at our monastery for 10 weeks. Her sharing of the Dhamma was infectious. Her offering of three sutta studies a week was an example of her generosity. Feeling initially intimidated by sutta “study”, that was quickly dissolved by her way of relating these teachings into every day common language. She has such a compassionate, encouraging mannerism that one felt comfortable asking any question without feeling intimated. Her joyful approach was a boost to my practice. I was fortunate to be able to spend time with her hiking locally, taking the Dhamma to the mountains! We look forward to her visiting us in the near future.


* It was an honour and a pleasure to meet Ayya Brahmavara. She is a pioneer in the revival of the bhikkhuni sangha and that is no small thing! Someone has to do this work and her energy and generosity for this task shines brightly.

The Buddha said that, if one can do it without compromise, the highest level of practice is for oneself and for others. To do that properly, one's own internal work of art has to be already very developed. Our inner resources need to be strong in and for ourselves first, and then generously shared when possible. Ayya clearly has arrived at this level of practice and it is a thing of beauty.

Thank you Ayya. Please return to us.

Peace 🕊 B

* I am relatively new to Buddhism. In coming to the monastery, the teachings/talks led by Ayya Brahmavara have been very enlightening, informative and

life giving. I very much appreciate her wisdom and sharing of her knowledge. I also loved speaking with Ayya after the talks. She is very personable and seems

very passionate about sharing with others.

In coming to the monastery and listening to Ayya, she has greatly increased my understanding and appreciation for Buddhism and spirituality. For this I am very

grateful to her. Her presentations, along with practicing meditation and mindfulness, have been very impactful in the way I live my life.

I wish Ayya all the best in her upcoming stay near San Francisco. I am sure she will be welcomed and appreciated as much as she was here in Canmore.

Best Regards, J

* I found Ayyas Dhamma talks so inspirational. The content was amazing but the way it was delivered with such Metta was on a whole other level. Just to be in her presence was very special. Thank you so much Ayya!


* Ayya is very pragmatic in her approach to the teachings. She can explain the teachings in a way that is very practical for every day life. Yet, if you desire more information on deep philosophy - she is also a great source. I missed only one Tuesday during her stay here, a day I was ill. I looked forward to each and every evening with her and the group. I look forward to re-uniting with her in physical space again in the future.

Prem, K

* I have such appreciation for everything that Ayya Brahmavara offered us on her stay here: meditation Dhamma talks, Sutta studies, the children's group, doing pindapat to raise the profile of Buddhism in the community and offering private sessions to all who offered food dana or just requested a private talk. And something very special was her compassion. I was struck over and over again when we were in a situation where someone was speaking or acting unskilfully, how I immediately went to judgment and Ayya immediately went to compassion. This was a blessed consciousness raising. May I keep it in mind and transform.


My gratitude for Ayya:

To be with someone who lives the Dhamma and has such compassion for all things, speaking always from the heart has inspired me so much.

To balance everything, to find the middle way, to be so generous in teaching the Suttas in such a relatable way, I am so grateful.

It was like taking one more step, unencumbered for that moment, on the path towards liberation.


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