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To See at Last - Ayya Medhanandi

Caught in quivering flames of fear

too vulnerable to see or hear

beyond blame and loss -

I listen again to the Quiet

I stand empty at the altar of emptiness

bowing to goodness

to wisdom

my singular refuge -

the heart's great compassion

come what may.

Tears and trials

no pain too cruel to forgo kindness.

Open and awake

benearth the canopy of Truth

where the wild fruit softens

ripens and falls -

it has no choice.

I learn to abseil

the impossible heights

on a nameless track

trusting the voice

of the ancients -

weaned on the joy of letting go.

Through our hurdles

and struggles

of body and mind

we arrive -

yes, we arrive

at the threshold of death

in one tender exhalation.

Better set our moral compass

to the truth of this moment

stay present

facetime with now

discard the burden in its entirety.

There we will touch impermanence

the karmic law

and taste this Noble Truth of pain

and the ending of pain

leading us beyond


Imposters beg our attention -

rename then all

one in-breath one out

two, three




O to see at last

stay the course

at the coordinates of fiath



and peace -

the heart will unfold kindly.

Soaked in forgiveness

bravely blessing what is sweet

or sorrowful -

every moment

passing away.

Ayya Medhanandi, Sati Saraniya Hermitage, Perth, ON

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