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The Bhikkhuni Story (Buddhist Nuns)

The Buddha's goal, before passing away, was to establish a strong community of monks and nuns, as well as laymen and women who followed his teachings. Sadly, due to famine and wars, the community of nuns was wiped out in the countries where the Theravada Tradition of Buddhism was practiced. The nuns order was restarted with the help of nuns in the Mahayana Tradition of Buddhism. There is controvery in the Buddhist community over whether the current Theravadan nuns order is legitimate or not. The slide presentation below goes over the history of the Bhikkhuni order and argues for their legitimacy. This position is supported by many well known Theravadan monks, including: Ajahn Brahm, Bhante Gunaratana, Bhikkhu Bodhi, Bhikkhu Analyo and Ajahn Brahmali. Reinstating the Bhuddha's vision of the four-fold Sangha

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