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Spiritual Wealth

by Jan Hrabec

Almost a decade ago,at a friend's urging.I attended a secular meditation group in Canmore. On that evening, I discovered the immediate benefit of the quieting of discursive thought, and the sense of well being that arose as a result. Within a very short time, a daily meditation practice became an important part of my daily life.

As the years rolled by, and through the accrued benefits of my continued practice, I developed a curiosity and hunger for teachings that resonated deeper. It was at this time, that I started to investigate the teaching of the Buddha. Here I found the immeasurable spiritual wealth and practical everyday wisdom that I had been seeking throughout my tumultuous and very often misguided life.

As a result of these teachings, I have experienced real transformation. I am remarkably less likely to get snared in the proliferation of negative thought patterns, and a palpable sense of calm and peace has emerged throughout whatever life hands me. I am no longer the the relentlessly self critical unhappy person that I thought myself to be.

Doors keep opening when the time is ripe. Possibilities are infinite.

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