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Samadhi/Anatta/Citta Retreat with Ajahn Punnadhammo

Ajahn Punnadhammo offered a retreat in Canmore Aug 21 - 23, 2020.

His first Dhamma talk was on removing the hindrances to reveal the natural or primordial state of the mind, Jhanas.

The second Dhamma talk was based on the Buddha's advice to Mogharaja. (Sutta Nipata 5:15 The Questions of Mogharaja). Ajahn gave the definition of many key Buddhist terms in this talk. Sadly, the recording was started a little late and the definition of sati was missed. Ajahn said sati is not just awareness of the present moment. Memory is a key component....remembering to be aware of the present moment and recording on the the "hard drive" of our mind what we are aware of each moment. Doing this, we don't forget where we set down our car keys or glasses.

The third Dhamma talk included understanding the citta as simply knowing without a knower. And the objects of the mind are what are known, without a knower.

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