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November 2022 Talks

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

November 1:

Cori brought us Ayya Soma's talk Anatta and LGBTQIA+ Identities, prompting a lot of helpful discussion.

November 4:

Leslie shared Andrea Fella's talk Daily Life Practice: Cultivating the Paramis. More of Andrea's talks can be found here.

November 8:

Cori offered Be Love: An Exploration of Our Deepest Desire

by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel. It's a free eBook available here.

November 11:

Cori shared Ayya Brahmavara's meditation and talk on Impermanence.

November 18:

Leslie played Andrea Fella's talk, Developing Wisdom, part of a June 2019 IMC non-residential retreat, Awareness and Wisdom.

November 30:

Sanghamitta and Ayya Ahimsa attended a one month retreat with Beth Upton. Beth trained as a nun at Pa Auk and learned a method, based on the Vissudhimagga, to help people more quickly let go into all the jhanas and then use vipassana exercises to gain the insights for Awakening. It was a very inspiring retreat.

For a list of all the hindrances, read the Upakilesa Sutta.

To connect with Beth, here is her website.

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