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November 2021 Talks

Nov 2: Tonight Bhante Bodhidhaja spoke about Right Speech (Part V) and started on the topic of intoxication. We will conclude this final precept next week.

Nov 5: This morning we listened to a discussion on difficult aspects of Right Speech and then started the Dhamma talk on Right Action (Part V #14).

Nov 9: Tonight we finished the first step of the Gradual Training: sila/morality. Bhante Bodhidhaja talked about substance abuse tonight.

On a different topic, here is an inspiring talk by Ayya Medhanandi.

Nove 12: Ayya Ahimsa gave us a talk on How to be your own best Friend.

Nov 16: We started tonight with a guided meditation by Ayya Medhanandi. Then we continued with our exploration of the Gradual Training. Last week we finished morality. The next step in the training is simplifying. We listened to a Dhamma talk by Ajahn Brahm on Living Simply. As an extra, here is a link to a Dhamma talk by Ayya Medhanandi on breath meditation. It fits perfectly with the guided meditation we listened to tonight.

Nov 19: This morning we started with a guided meditation by Ven. Canda. She is with the Anukampa Bhikkhuni Project in England, an aspiration to set up a training monastery for nuns in England. This link includes a Dhamma talk to which we didn't listen, but I highly recommend listening to it. Our Dhamma talk for today was a continuation of Right Action from last week and then a start on Right Livelihood. This was followed by a heartfelt discussion of the impossibility of living on the earth without harming lessening our impact as much as possible.

Nov 23: On the Gradual Training we are now at the stage of developing contentent. Tonight we listened to a guided meditation by Ven. Canda and then a Dhamma talk on contentment. In the discussion that followed, people were very "content" to focus on contentment and one person suggested using "content" as a mantra. The link to this talk doesn't function. To access it: go to On the front page, under Learn With Us, click on Teacher and scroll down to Venerable Canda. Under media click on video and in the keyword slot type in contentment. She has two talks with this name....this talk doesn't have letting go in the title. Finally click on Search Teachings.

Nov 26: This morning's talk by Ajahn Brahmali and Bhante Bodhidhaja was a discussion on drinking alcohol and vegetarianism. ( Workshop V Part15). Alcohol is an issue if it makes us heedless so that we act in a non virtuous manner. Being vegetarian vs being a meat eater is a grey area. Please listen to the talk for the full discussion.

Bonus talk: The Torah and the Triple Gem is a thoughtful look at the similarities between Judaism and Buddhism by Ayya Medhanandi.

Nov 30: Tonight Sanghamitta gave a talk on Wise Attention, Yoniso Manasikāra, the next step in the Gradual Training.

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