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Nov 2023 Talks

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Nov 3: The Gradual Training - Part 3 Contentment

Nov 7: The Gradual Training - Part 4 Guarding the Senses

The Buddha helps us understand how we experience the world through our senses. He gives us beautiful instructions for how to become masters of them rather than servants.

Nov 14: The Gradual Training- Part 4b The Interweaving of Wise Reflection with Guarding the Senses.

Sanghamitta relates three ways the Buddha gave us to guard the senses:1. Composure/equanimity2. Wise Reflection on the wholesome vs the unwholesome3. Wise Reflection on the gratification/benefit, the danger and the escape.

Nov 24: The Gradual Training - Part 5: Mindfulness: Like a Trip to the Spa

Ayya Ahimsa discusses Sati Sampajañña, Mindfulness and Clear Comprehension, also translated as Mindfulness and Situational Awareness. Her main message was to be relaxed with mindfulness, not uptight.

Nov 28: The Gradual Training - Part 6: Mindfulness On and Off the Cushion

Sanghamitta reviews step 6 of the Noble Eightfold Path. It gives guidance on letting go of the hindrances which, combined with the previous steps of morality, gives one the conditions to sit down on the cushion and focus the mind.

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