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June 2021 Talks

June 1: Today we read the first chapter of Ajahn Sona's new book: Life is a Near Death Experience, Skills for Illness, Aging, Dying and Loss.

June 4: Today we listened to a Dhamma discussion on "What are the underlying factors that support Right Speech", led by Ayya Nyyānnikā of Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery.

June 8: Tonight we continued reading part two of Ajahn Sona's new book: Life is a Near Death Experience.

June 11: This morning Ayya Niyyanika of Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery led us in a Dhamma discussion on "Basis for Sustaining Favourable Relationships and Where That Fits in a Dhamma Based Life." She based her talk on AN 8:24. Then she ended the meeting with a summary of AN 5:151-153. The latter is a list of 10 qualities that allow us to benefit from the teachings. (The link is to the bottom right click the arrow to advance to the next sutta.)

June 15: Tonight was the final reading from Ajahn Sona's book: LIfe is a Near Death Experience.

June 18: Kusula hosted the meeting and shared a talk by Jill Shepherd on anatta, not self.

June 22: Tonight we listened to a guided meditation on the body by Ayya Santacitta. This was from the weekend retreat she taught this past weekend. We then listened to a short talk by Ajahn Kovilo on the mind states that should be abandoned, not tolerated:

June 25: This morning Sanghamitta gave a short reflection on the five precepts, the basis for a moral life. They are the greatest gift one can offer to another because of the safety they impart. This was followed by a discussion on trauma and its healing.

June 29: Tonight we listened to an inspiring Dhamma talk by Ayya Medhanandi titled The Spiritual Athlete.

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