June 2021 Talks

June 1: Today we read the first chapter of Ajahn Sona's new book: Life is a Near Death Experience, Skills for Illness, Aging, Dying and Loss.

June 4: Today we listened to a Dhamma discussion on "What are the underlying factors that support Right Speech", led by Ayya Nyyānnikā of Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery.

June 8: Tonight we continued reading part two of Ajahn Sona's new book: Life is a Near Death Experience.

June 11: This morning Ayya Niyyanika of Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery led us in a Dhamma discussion on "Basis for Sustaining Favourable Relationships and Where That Fits in a Dhamma Based Life." She based her talk on AN 8:24. Then she ended the meeting with a summary of AN 5:151-153. The latter is a list of 10 qualities that allow us to benefit from the teachings. (The link is to 151....at the bottom right click the arrow to advance to the next sutta.)

June 15: Tonight was the final reading from Ajahn Sona's book: LIfe is a Near Death Experience.

June 18: Kusula hosted the meeting and shared a talk by Jill Shepherd on anatta, not self.

June 22: Tonight we listened to a guided meditation on the body by Ayya Santacitta. This was from the weekend retreat she taught this past weekend. We then listened to a short talk by Ajahn Kovilo on the mind states that should be abandoned, not tolerated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpLczZlxWGM

June 25: This morning Sanghamitta gave a short reflection on the five precepts, the basis for a moral life. They are the greatest gift one can offer to another because of the safety they impart. This was followed by a discussion on trauma and its healing.

June 29: Tonight we listened to an inspiring Dhamma talk by Ayya Medhanandi titled The Spiritual Athlete.

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