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January 2023 Talks

Updated: Jan 31

Jan 3: Strategy #1 to Focus the Mind

In MN20 the Buddha teaches us five ways to deal with the wandering mind. Tonight Sanghamitta discussed the first method: replacing.

Jan 6: The Parami - Part 2b

Ayya Ahimsa elaborated on the Parami of generosity. This was followed by group sharing.

Jan 10: Seeing the Danger - strategy #2 to let go of thoughts and focus the mind.

Jan 13: The Pāramī - Part 3

The third Pāramī is Nekkhamma: letting go/simplifying.

Jan 17: Ignoring - Strategy #3 to Focus the Mind

Jan 20: The Pāramī - Part 4

Ayya Ahimsa talks about the fourth Pāramī, wisdom (pañña). In Buddhism, wisdom refers to deeply knowing the Four Noble Truths: that there is suffering, that the cause of suffering is desire, that there can be an end to mental suffering and the Path to the end of suffering is the Noble Eightfold Path.

Jan 24: Strategy #4: Unravelling the Causes

When the first three strategies have failed to quell the distracting thoughts, we move to looking at what is causing them to arise and persist.

Strategy #4 - Part 2: More on unravelling the causes.

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