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Jan 2024 Talks

Updated: Jan 16

Jan 2: Why We Need Monasticism

Ayya Ahimsa discusses the determination the Buddha had to establish a four fold community before the end of his life: a community of bhikkhus and bhikkhunis (monks and nuns) and devoted lay men and lay women. Their purpose is to be an inspirational example of those living the teachings of the Buddha, to preserve the teachings and to pass them on to others.

Jan 9: Obstructions to the jhanas

Sanghamitta reviews the Upakkilesa Sutta (MN 128) where the Buddha describes 11 obstructions to our practice deepening into the jhanas.

Jan 16: Stress and the Mind

Sanghamitta played a Dhamma talk by Ven. Khemacara, an Albertan who ordained in Myanmar. The talk gives a summary of basic Buddhist concepts including that of dukkha/stress/suffering.

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