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February 2022 Talks

Feb 1: We are continuing with our study of the Satipatthana. Tonight we listened to Part 5 by Ajahn Sona.

Bonus Dhamma: This is an 8 day retreat by Ajahn Viradhammo. He is gifted in offering Dhamma to laypeople. His talks during this retreat are full of practical guidance for us laypeople.

Feb 4: We continued with our study of Satipatthana, listening to the 1st third of Part 2 by Ajahn Brahmali.

Bonus Dhamma: On the Lookout, a Dhamma talk by Ayya Medhanandi.

Feb 8: I made a mistake and played the Satipatthana talk by Ajahn Bramali scheduled for we will return to Ajahn Sona's talks on Satipatthana next week. See Feb 11 for the link to Ajahn Brahmali's talk.

Bonus: No pilgrimage is harder or more ancient than the journey up and over the Himalayan defile to circle Mount Kailash in Tibet. Ajahn Sumedho wanted to do it as a young American in 1950's California, but only got the opportunity when he was a famous Buddhist monk, aged 60. Nick Scott trained him in European mountains and here recounts his teacher's attempts, the dire results and Nick's own subsequent pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain, with Ajahn Amaro, which nearly killed him. This is a reading of a book about adversity, how to face it and what can be gained. But it's more than that. It's about the whole journey: life and how to use it, and its difficulties,to find freedom from suffering.

Feb 11: Today we listened to the middle section of Part 2 of Ajahn Brahmali's workshop on Satipatthana. He gave a very precise definition of sati/mindfulness and showed how it fit in the Path.

Feb 18: This morning we completed part 2 of Satipatthana by Ajahn Brahmali.

Bonus: Dhamma talk by Ayya Medhanandi.

Feb 22: Tonight we listened to Part 7 of Satipatthana by Ajahn Sona.

Bonus: A talk by Ven. Pannavati from North Carolina talking about the Buddha's approach to issues such as Black Lives Matter.

Feb 25: This morning we listened to the first part of Part 3 of Satipatthana by Ajahn Brahmali.


Wonderful retreat by Ajahn Viradhammo....down to earth instructions for lay people.

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