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December 2022 Talks

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Dec. 2: The True Dhamma. Today we read Chapter Two in Bhikkhu Thanissaro's recent book, "Along the Way" i.e. the Noble Eightfold Path. He is giving us pointers for how to differentiate the true Dhamma from false Dhamma.

Dec. 6: Retreat with Beth Upton - Part Two

I mention in Part Two that there are no special instructions for the stage from removal of the hindrances until first jhana. Not true. One can improve on their sila (morality), their kindness. For a discussion on this see Ajahn Brahmali's workshop on Sammasamadhi. And here is a lovely talk by Ayya Medhanandi about the pre-requisites for Jhana.

Dec 23: The 10 Parami - Part 1

Ayya Ahimsa, our new resident nun at CTBC, introduced the group to the 10 Paramis - the beautiful qualities of the mind that we all want to develop. We will be using a book called "Paramis" by Ajahn Sucitto. The 10 paramis are: generosity (dana), morality/ethics (sīla), renunciation (nekkhamma), wisdom (pañña), energy (viriya), patience (khanti), truthfulness (sacca), determination (adhitthāna), kindness (mettā) and equanimity (upekkhā).

Dec 27: Five Practical Ways to Focus the Mind - Part One

Ayya Ahimsa summarized Chapters One and Two from Shaila Catherine's latest book: Beyond Distraction. These chapters draw from the Buddha's teachings in MN 19: Two Kinds of Thoughts .

Dec 30: The 10 Pāramī - Part 2

Chapter Two in "Pāramī" focuses on the first three qualities: generosity (dāna), morality (sila) and simplicity....also known as renunciation (nekkhamma). These three are also the first three factors in the Gradual Training.

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