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April 2021 Talks

Apr 2: Sanghamitta taught walking meditation.

Apr 6: Sanghamitta read an essay on The Gradual Training.

Apr 9: Ayya Santussika wrapped up the series on the Noble Eightfold Path by giving a Dhamma talk on how to incorporate the Path into our daily life.

Apr 13: Dhamma talk by Tan Nisabho on the Eight Thoughts of a Great Being. Tan Nisabho is planning on starting a monastery in the Seattle area. He has set up a website: He will be offering Dhamma talks every Sunday morning at 10 am Pacific time. His parents have started a Retreat Centre in Winthrope Washington. Their website is:

Apr 16: Sanghamitta did a guided meditation, leading towards stillness. Then gave a Dhamma talk based on the article on The Three Paths to Jhana.

Apr 20: Tonight we read and discussed the article on What does the Buddha Says about Wealth. The Buddha has very different expectations and advice for laypeople compared to monastics.

Apr 23: Today we went over How to Still the Mind to enter the Jhanas. And we used a guided meditation by Ven. Nito on inspiring our breath meditation with metta or other reflections.

Apr 27: We discussed the article: Craving, Taking Up and Existence, looking at various reflections to help us let go of craving, the cause of suffering.

Apr 30: This morning we discussed Bodhipala's article: Musings on the Development of Samadhi. There was a very engaged discussion on how to watch the News without anger and community involvement

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