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To all our generous donors, we rejoice in your merit. Your donations allow us to continue supporting the presence of Buddhist nuns in Canmore.

Alberta, Canada

Canmore Theravada Buddhist Community and Monastery

A place to meet, meditate and learn. Welcome to all!

In person events take place at the Monastery
518 2nd St. Canmore
Everyone welcome


This same information is available on our Events Calendar 

Ongoing Events: occurring in Mountain Time

Weekly Tues Meditation Group 7 - 8:30pm MT

In person or on zoom.

Weekly Thurs Sutta Contemplation 5:45 - 7:15pm MT

This is best attended on zoom.

Each week a sutta is contemplated using prompting questions in an interactive format to cultivate inspiration. One can also join in as a listener.

Weekly Fri Meditation Group 8:30 -10am MT

In person or on zoom.

Biweekly Moon Days of Silent Meditation

Each full and new moon day from 9am - 5pm MT

Sept 14, 29, Oct 14, 29 are the upcoming dates.

Daily Morning and Evening Puja

Most days except Mon & Thurs: 6 - 7am & 7 - 8 pm MT

In person only; meditation, with no teaching.

Special Events: 

Four times a year we offer Three Day Weekend Retreats.

The retreats this Fall will be Sept 22 - 24 & Nov 17 - 19. Registration for the Sept retreat is closed.  Registration for the Nov retreat will open about mid Oct.  A notice will be sent out in our newsletter and posted here.

Children's program: Sept 17: 9am - 1:30 pm

See the Events Calendar for details.

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