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Questions to ask yourself before you are on your deathbed or if you are on your deathbed.

  1. What do you want your life to be like when you are an old person?

  2. What can I do today so I can be fulfilled at the end of life?

  3. What do I need to do today so that old age can be easier and freer?

  4. Imagine you are 10 years older-on your deathbed, who is standing by your bedside?

  5. What goals would you like to have achieved at this stage in your life? 10 years from now?

  6. What would be your inner goals at this age of your life?

10 years from now?

  1. What would be your inner goals at this age of your life?

  2. What must you do today to achieve these goals?

  3. What is wasting your time?

  4. What is stopping you from what you really want?

  5. Imagine you are 5 years older than you are right now-What will support you in a peaceful death?

  6. What can you do now to help your heart and mind bring strength to your dying?

  7. What must you let go of?

  8. Now imagine you will die in 1 year-How will you prepare for a peaceful death? What can you do in this moment to support your peaceful death?

  9. What gave your life meaning?

  10. What un-finished business do you need to address?

  11. Imagine you will die in one month-What will you change in your daily life?

  12. What do you need to do so that you will not leave so many problems behind?

  13. What do you need to nurture at this time?

  14. Who do you need to say I forgive you too?

  15. Who do you need to say please forgive me too?

  16. Who do you need to say I love you too?

  17. Who do you need to say thank you too?

  18. One-week left-Who do you want around you?

  19. Who do you need to talk to about what you want to happen to your body?

  20. What do you hope for in contemplating your death?

  21. Whom do you want to express your deepest love and gratitude this week?

  22. How do you want to be remembered?

  23. What is the biggest gift you have received in your life?

  24. Share this practice to truly be a benefit to others.

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