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November 2020 Talks

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Welcome to summaries of our talks given in Nov 2020.

Nov 3: Ajahn Subharo gave a talk on Right View.

Nov 6: We listened to a Dhamma talk by Thich Nhat Hanh on dealing with strong emotions. This appears to be part of a series of talks on Anapanasati, Mindfulness of Breathing.

Nov 10: Ajahn Subharo gave a Dhamma talk on renunciation and non-self.

Nov 17: Ajahn Subharo gave a Dhamma talk on Right Speech.

Nov 13: Ayya Ahimsa from Aloka Vihara gave a Dhamma talk on Right Speech. There has been tremendous positive feedback on this talk.

Nov 20: Today we looked at the impermanence/insubstantiality of a semi-trailer turned over and smashed apart in a ditch and then listened to a Dhamma talk on the same topic by Ayya Medhanandi: Chopping and Burning the Tree of Emptiness. Finally there was a short reading on treating the heart by a 16th century Korean physician, Hur Jun from Dongyi baojian (Precious Reflections by an Eastern Physician). The Buddha called himself a physician and this quote reflected the teachings of the Buddha.

Nov 24: Ajahn Subharo announced that he will be leaving Canmore on Dec 1st. He would like to return to Malaysia but until this is possible he will reside at Ehipassiko Temple in Calgary and then at Arrow River Forest Hermitage in Ontario. You can stay connected with him through his Dhamma talks at

Nov 27: Ajahn said goodbye to the Friday group after giving a talk on Right View. He emphasized that our goal is not to just see ourselves as not self, but others as well. So when another is acting unskillfully to not VIEW them as totally like that. But to see that as something that has arisen due to conditions and that skillful aspects of the person will arise when conditions change.

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