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February 2023 Talks

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Feb 3: Viriya - The Pāramī of Energy

Sanghamitta discusses Ajahn Sucitto's chapter on energy - how to generate it, conserve it and use it wisely.

Feb 7: Strategy #5: Forcefully suppressing the thought

The Buddha generally teaches us to let go of unwholesome things using wisdom power, not will power. But on rare occasions, due to the danger, we need to use some force.

Feb 10: Khanti - The Pāramī of Patience

Ayya Ahimsa speaks about khanti/patience. The Buddha says patience is the highest austerity.

Feb 21 - Sacca - The Pāramī of Truthfulness

Sanghamitta discusses the Pāramī of Sacca, Truthfulness. There are two parts to this: a moral aspect and then truthfulness of perception. Time was spent discussing Thich Nhat Hanh's "Peace Treaty" to help one with truthfulness in difficult conversations in relationships.

Feb 24 - Adhitthāna - The Pāramī of Resolve

Ayya Ahimsa speaks about the Pāramī of Adhitthāna, Resolve. It is crucial for our resolve to be informed by the Buddha's very first teaching, the Middle Way, that we balance our determination; we learn to not holding back without striving.

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