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December 2021 Talks

Dec 3: In the gradual training, after sila/morality comes a focus on living simply. Sanghamitta read and recorded an article on this topic: "The Wisdom of Frugality: Why Simple Living is Thought to Make Us Happier" by Trent Hamm. Trent was summarizing a book by Emrys Westacott et al called: "The Wisdom of Frugality: Why Less is More - More or Less". So far we haven't been able to upload the recording, but here is the link to the article. Note: the article was removed from it's original website and now is on a site where you have to sign up as a member.....memership is free for one week, enough time to read the article!

Dec 10: Ayya Niyyanika of Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery offered a Dhamma talk on “Receiving correction: Embracing admonishment as an aid to course correction on the path” The nuns are entering three months of silence for their winter retreat so will not be here once a month on Friday mornings .

Dec 14: Ayya Santussika of Karuna Buddhist Vihara gave us a talk on how to deal with the Hindrance of Restlessness.

Dec 17: Continuing on with our detailed study of the Gradual Training, we listened to a talk on Contentment by Ajahn Brahm, followed by a guided meditation.

Dec 21: Ayya Suvijjana, currently at Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery offered a Dhamma talk on the Noble Eightfold Path as a Gradual Training.

Dec 24: We are continuing to meet over the Christmas holidays....just taking a break from the Gradual Training as there are fewer people attending. This morning we started with a beautiful guided meditation called the "Generosity of Presence" by Ayya Medhanandi. This was follow by a Dhamma talk by Ajahn Viradhammo (starting at 45:30) on the same topic. He also mentioned surrender and dealing with emotions (basically the 'Holding Technique" .....Mindfulness of Feeings [c]). He also mentioned not getting caught in idealism or sectarianism. A very very rich talk full of good humour.

Dec 28: Tonight we listened to a talk by Ayya Medhanandi called "On the Lookout". It was about watching our behaviour for unskillful actions. It was a rich talk, worth listening to several times.

Dec 31: Ajahn Viradhammo gave a guided meditation and talk on Awareness as our closest experience of Nibbana. And he also spoke of the skillful handling of emotions: his version of the Holding Technique.

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