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Why should I meditate?

We meditate to be happy.  With the help of a meditation practice, we learn to slow down and become observant of how we create our own suffering….either from scratch or, in reaction to the behaviour of others.  We learn to transform our distressing reactions.  We become more peaceful and content.  Happier.


Is Buddhism a religion?

Buddhism is classified as a religion.  It shares a foundation of morality and generosity with other religions.  How it differs is that it does not have a God at its head.

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Is the Canmore Theravada Buddhist Community center a monastery?
Yes. We became a monastery on June 1, 2020. Ajahn Subharo is our resident monastic teacher.

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We are located in south Canmore. You are welcome to drop in for our group meditation practice on Tuesday and Friday. For other times please contact us for an appointment or view our event calendar for public talks, teachings, and retreats. 

     518 2nd St, Canmore, Alberta
   T1W 2K5

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