Board of Directors


Mary Dumka (Sanghamitta) - President

Iin 2014, Mary invited 5 other members of the CTBC meditation group to form a Board to support CTBC's mission. She has personally benefitted from the practice of meditation and is happy to share these learnings with others. She is the resident lay teacher.


Manik Navaratne

Manik Navaratne - Treasurer

Manik was born in the sacred Buddhist city of Kandy, Sri Lanka and grew up on the Kirkoswald tea estate. She observed the Eight Precepts at school, and often accompanied her parents on the five kilometre walk to the nearest temple to offer dāna. In 1995, her family emigrated to New Zealand and she began meditation practice at the Auckland Theravada Buddhist Temple, where she met Ayya Medhanandi, Ajahn Viradhammo, Ajahn Sumedho Ajhn Vajiro and other western Buddhist monks. In 2003, Manik moved to Calgary, Alberta and became acquainted with Sangamitta and the CTBC, where she now attends retreats and offers her professional accounting services as dāna. She is also a regular participant in Calgary Maha Vihara.

Jan Hrabec

Jan Hrabec - Vice President

Jan moved to Canmore in 1989 with her young family and went on to open a thriving local business. She started meditation in the late 2000s, practicing in a secular fashion for a few years. When she later discovered the teachings of the Buddha, she was shocked and excited by the possibility of real transformation. Only then did her meditation practice became truly meaningful. In addition to being a board member, Jan is the organization's librarian and a passionate cheerleader for the Dhamma.

Everett Martin

Ryan Syme - Secretary

Ryan was born and raised in Winnipeg where his first introduction to philosophy and spirituality was through his schooling led by Jesuit priests. Following completion of his engineering degree at McGill University, Ryan was lured west by the Rocky Mountains and all that they offer. Ryan currently lives in Canmore and is extremely grateful for the regular meditation sessions and Dhamma discussions facilitated by the CTBC - the practices and principals resonate strongly and have been genuinely beneficial.

Everett Martin

Dammika Bambaragama - Member at large

Dammika was born in Kandy, Sri Lanka and grew up in a Buddhist culture. She immigrated to Canada with her husband and their daughter, then a toddler, in 2002. Keeping close ties with the sri Lankan Buddhist temple in Calgary and also following the teaching from the Thai forest tradition, Dammika works to deepen her meditation practice. 


Judy Pequegnat (Kusala) - Member at large

Judy’s first introduction to meditation was with Mechele Calvert in Calgary in 1996. Further exploration led to assisting Barbara Ross to establish classes and teach at the Yoga and Meditation Community Center in Calgary and managing numerous retreats with monastics and lay teachers. Judy completed a two year teacher training program at Bhavana Monastery with Bhante Gunaratana in the early 2000’s.


Frank Laxshimalla (Dhammapāla) - Member at large

Frank was born in India but raised in south east asia before moving to Canada in 1994 and Calgary in 1996. He is married to a Calgarian with whom he has three children.  He is an Upasaka within the Birken Monastery Upasika program, with Luang Por Sona being his teacher. He founded and hosts the Bodhi Mitta meditation group in Calgary since 2015 where he is happy to share the benefits he has received by following the Buddha's teachings.

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